Maluszewski Law is dedicated to protecting the Social Security and SSI rights of disabled adults and children.  We recognize how important it is to our clients to obtain Social Security Disability or SSI payments.  We are familiar with the evidence required to prove disability and obtain a disability award.  The firm works with clients and their medical providers to gather all the required medical records and opinions necessary for a successful hearing.

Our effectiveness is grounded in trust, not only from our clients, but just as importantly, from our clients’ healthcare providers.  The doctor, social worker, home health worker, aide, teacher, counselor, advocacy organization or support group must understand the significant role they play in the process.  Our function is to make each of these providers aware of that role and assist in the resolution of our clients’ cases.

We accomplish this in many ways.  Getting accurate information to, as well as from, the healthcare provider is critical.  Success is accomplished by encouraging the provider to maintain an open, frank and ongoing dialogue with our attorneys.

Social Security Disability Claims