Family conflicts present some of the most difficult and emotional problems we encounter at Maluszewski Law in the practice of law.  Our goal is to assist you, our client, in reaching a fair and equitable resolution of family conflicts through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods (such as the collaborative divorce process), if possible.  However, when necessary, we will conduct zealous and diligent litigation.  Whatever the path, our firm will stand beside you every step of the way.

Our firm represents clients in all of the contested areas of family law including dissolution, paternity, custody, alimony, child support, asset distribution, visitation, etc.  We also handle many post dissolution matters such as modifications of custody, child support or alimony, support, parenting time, or custody, as well as contempt actions and relocation actions.

Maluszewski Law advocates collaborative law in resolving family disputes.  Collaborative law is a creative way to resolve disputes by empowering the parties to resolve their legal disputes without judges, magistrates or court personnel making decisions for them.  The process provides each party with specially trained collaborative lawyers to educate, support and guide each party in reaching balanced, respectful and lasting agreements.  The process offers clients a safe and dignified environment to reduce conflict and minimize its impact on our clients, their children and their lives.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our clients who are involved with difficult family law issues.  It is appropriate after a dissolution to review and revise all estate planning documents; therefore, we are pleased to offer our clients, after a dissolution case has gone to Judgment, a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will, an Appointment of Health Care Agent and a Power of Attorney all at no cost to the clients.