Criminal defense lawyer,  Katarzyna Maluszewski is committed to protecting your rights by providing quality, affordable legal services to you.

Every case and every client is important to us.  We represent clients charged with motor vehicle violations, DUI, misdemeanors and serious felonies.  No matter what the charge we defend each and every client as vigorously as possible.  Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for each client.

We prepare for the legal process by reviewing all police reports, witness statements, photographs, records, audio and video tape, and everything else related to the case.  Through detailed examination of the evidence, our legal team will create effective legal strategies at each stage of your case, from pretrial motions, motions to suppress evidence, negotiations, jury selection, case presentation, cross examination and closing arguments.

Our defense attorneys try to resolve criminal cases through negotiation but they prepare each case for trial throughout the process and are not reluctant to take a case to trial if necessary.

There are many collateral issues which Kata consider and discuss with their clients (suspension of driver’s licenses, motor vehicle insurance issues, violations of probation, immigration) all of which are important to our clients and cannot be forgotten or ignored.

Pardons, Paroles & Commutations

In Connecticut the important issues of pardons (an absolute release from punishment), paroles (a conditional release from confinement) and commutation (change of punishment) are not handled by the criminal courts. Rather they are decided by a separate and independent agency called the Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles.

That Board has implemented complex specific procedures which must be followed by any person seeking a pardon, parole or commutation. Criminal defense lawyer Katarzyna Maluszewski is experienced in representing clients before the Board of Pardons and have successfully represented many clients seeking pardons, paroles or commutations.

Very often people plead guilty to criminal offenses and discover only later those convictions carry substantial penalties (i.e. employment restrictions) not understood or appreciated when the guilty plea was entered.

If you have such a problem you may call our office and meet with Attorney Maluszewski to discuss your personal situation and decide which procedures are necessary and best to obtain a pardon or other relief.